The Mask Meant for Glasses

Now When You Mask, You Can Keep Your Glasses On

The Best Mask for Glasses Wearers

It’s really hard to find masks that don’t fog glasses because most face masks on the market today are mostly made the same way. Just a simple piece of cloth or fabric that covers your nose and mouth. This design might keep others safe, but you’re probably bumping into things because of your foggy glasses. Because of this generic design, you’re left with the task of figuring out how to keep glasses from fogging up with a mask. This is where our design comes in. With our unique, patent-pending design, our masks separate the breathing in from the breathing out. Although there are other masks that claim to do the same thing, the Better Breathing Mask’s cotton-elastic separator makes this not only one of the most comfortable but also one of the best masks for glasses wearers.

The Face Mask that Won’t Fog Glasses

Other mask designs try adding four or five layers of fabric to combat the fog effect, but adding more layers to a mask also sacrifices some of the breathability. The Better Breathing Mask has a simple two layer design with dual chambers for your mouth and nose. The adjustable ear loops and nose wire also comfortably fit any face and head shape. This makes our design a breathable face mask for glasses wearers. When you exhale through your mouth, the elastic separator keeps the mist from escaping through the top of the mask onto your glasses lenses. Because this mask is machine washable, you won’t have to worry about buying another face mask ever again!

Ready to own the best anti fog mask for glasses?